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Features of 10MS Digital Training Solution

10MS Digital Training is a completely automated training management system for organizations. It has six features through which it ensures an effective and frictionless training journey of employees.


  • Employers can assign courses to employees, regions or even to a whole department.
  • Employers can lock advanced courses until previous courses are completed.  
  • Give deadlines to finish the courses.  
  • Employers can send push notifications for a notice or an upcoming deadline.  
  • Add videos, articles and quizzes in the training module.  
  • Employers can track every activity of employees.

For example, if an employee skipped a video and went for the test, you can see track that through your dashboard  

  • Every training video is rated by the employees which gives you instant feedback on the quality of the specific training video .
  • Employees can post queries about the training video.

Quiz Assessment

  • Employers can add pre-assessment or practice quizzes after the training videos for instant evaluation.  
  • Employers can design  tests by customizing pass marks. retry limits, and final score weight.  
  • Employers can showcase their employees’ talents in the leaderboard and ensure maximum and effective motivation  
  • Our tried-and-tested gamification system will help your employees attain higher performance.  

Field Assessment

  • Employers can assess their employees more practically by rating their performance in the workplace.  
  • Employers can assign supervisors to every employee to observe and assess their performance.
  • Employers can schedule field assessments according to your need, e.g. weekly, monthly or semiannually.  
  • Employers can create suitable criteria for the supervisors to evaluate more objectively.
  • Employers can get a final scorecard for every employee on the basis of quiz and field assessments.


  • Employers can store essential documents, resources and product descriptions in the archive.  
  • Archived resources can be accessed anytime by you and your employees.  
  • Employers can keep an extensive product overview with 3D models and voice-over product descriptions  


  • Employers can ensure that new recruits are properly welcomed.  
  • Employers can assign tasks to the new recruit such as courses, quizzes and field assignments.  
  • Employers can assign mentors to your new recruits.  
  • Mentors can track their trainees’ progress and communicate directly with them  


  • Employers can filter data through departments, zones and courses.  
  • Employers can send push notifications about an announcement or notice to individuals or departments.  
  • Employers can export all data to spreadsheets instantly.