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How 10MS Digital Training is Redesigning the Employee Training

Training & Development is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of every organization. Almost all the private, public and social sector organizations in Bangladesh regularly arrange training programs for employees. But the question is how effective these trainings are in terms of increasing employee performance and is there any better approach to manage this training process? Before answering these questions, let’s look at the issues with existing training programs-

Expensive: Very high cost is associated with training sessions including location, transport and trainer fees.  

Inconsistent Quality: Unavailability of the best trainers degrades the quality of the training sessions.  

Time Demanding: Working hours are affected as training sessions take up a lot of time from both the trainers and the trainees.

Even though the traditional training programs have these problems, organizations have arranged these because they didn’t have better options. This is where 10MS Digital Training is making a difference. It has started revolutionizing the way we train employees. It solves all the existing issues by its Train – Assess – Develop model. The key benefits that 10MS Digital Training offers are-

Cost Effective: Traditional training costs 62 TK/Person on average. Automated training management system reduces the cost to only 13 TK/Person.  

Consistent Quality: The best trainers can record their content, ensuring the same reusable content reaches every trainee.  

Efficient Use of Time: The training materials will always be accessible, allowing a trainee to learn anytime, anywhere which saves a lot of man-hours.

10MS digital training helps employees to get trained through videos which are at their fingertip, get assessed through quizzes, track performance and develop themselves through real-time scores.

Living in a world that’s rapidly transforming itself to a digital one but training employees following the same old costly and ineffective offline model is a recipe for disaster. 10MS digital training is the solution that organizations need in this changing world order.